• Any graduate student, instructor, or faculty member working for the Department of Statistics is given an account on our UNIX system and on our Novell system. These accounts require responsible actions on the part of the user in the forms of password protection and sharing of computer resources. Accounts are also given to visitors at the request of a sponsoring faculty member. The issuing of a UNIX account requires acknowledgment of the Departmental and University wide policies on the proper and ethical use of computers. Any breach of any of these policies will result in the loss of all account privileges.
  • The keys which open the outside doors to the Department of Statistics, will also allow access to the computer labs in the building and the instructional cabinet in classroom 306. Separate keys are issued to graduate students teaching STAT 2000 for access to the computer labs in Boyd.
  • All computer labs have restricted access - we have no general use labs in our Department. This means that only students who are currently enrolled in Statistics classes are allowed to use the computers in our labs. Whenever any lab is in use by students, a graduate student or faculty member with possession of a key must be present in the lab.
  • Labs should never be left unattended or unlocked.
  • Computers may not be blocked off or reserved to run simulations. Should this occur, the computer will be restarted.
  • The Bargmann Lab is for use by our graduate students only, unless it has been reserved for a class. The door to the Bargmann Lab should always remain locked.
  • The air conditioners present in the computer labs should never be adjusted for any reason. If the lab is uncomfortable, a phone call should be made to the main office to report the problem (706-542-5232).

For more information, see the University Policies on Computer Use.