Tom Ryan (PhD 1977)

"The 3rd edition of my book, Statistical Methods of Quality Improvement, is scheduled to be published in late July. The publisher is Wiley. Another book, Sample Size Determination and Power, will be published by Springer early next year. That will be my fifth statistics book.

In addition to these books, I also teach online courses and do occasional online consulting."

Gary Gensler (MS 1992)

"Welcomed a second girl, Eliana Lilly, into the family on January 30, 2010. She joins big sister Maya, now 8. I'm in my 19th year as a Biostatistician with the EMMES Corporation. I currently work on the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 the National NeuroAids Tissue Consortium and a special project with the FDA, in addition to helping develop other new studies. I recently co-authored a publication in Opthalmology looking at the association between c-reactive protein and certain genetic variants on the prevalence of age-related macular generation.

Marshall Smith (MS 1996)

"My son Caleb, a senior in High School at Regents School of Austin lead his football team to the TAPPS Division 3 State Championship as the Quarterback. This Spring, he has signed a letter of intent to play baseball for Auburn University beginning in 2011."

Lynne Billard receives Tenth Annual Janet L. Norwood Award

University Professor Lynne Billard is the recipient of the Tenth Annual Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences. She will accept the award at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at the Alys Stephens Center, where Lynne Billard will give a distinguished lecture and meet with students and young faculty at UAB. For more details, please click