Lihua Wang (PhD 2004)

Lihua Wang currently works at J.P.Morgan Chase located at Wilmington, Delaware. She is in a risk modeling group focusing on acquisition risk. Lihua's daughter is 13 months now. Lihua's husband Ruijie, Niu, a master student in statistcs department of UGA, also works in J.P.Morgan Chase focusing on portfolio risk analysis.

Mike Henderson (MS 2001)

Mike Henderson has worked for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care as a Biostatistician since graduating. During this time he has had the pleasure of working on clinical trials in all phases for medical devices and combination medical device and pharmaceutical products. Being a biostatistician in vision care is absolutely fun thanks to having two testable units on every subject. Mike and his wife, Terri (class of 2002), have been married just over 5 years and have two Dachshunds. Outside of working as statisticians they both pursue their hobbies.

Chris Tucek (MS 1997)

Chris Tucek has been employed at Towers Perrin, a human resources consulting firm, for 10 years. He is a retirement actuary consulting on the design, financing and investing for defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. He is a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries and Enrolled Actuary under ERISA and will be completing an MBA in Finance and Management & Strategy from the Kellogg School of Management in August 2007. Chris and his wife, Bridget, will be celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary in June.