Please note, as of 04/06/2018 the form is not working. Please email with your request. We are working on a resolution and apologize for the inconvenience.


The purpose of the form below is to request statistical collaboration with the UGA Statistical Consulting Center (SCC). Depending on your ability to quickly summarize certain aspects of your research, this form may take up to 10 minutes of your time to complete. We will attempt to contact you within two business days of receipt of this form to begin scheduling an initial meeting. Note that during times of high demand, it may be up to two weeks from the time this form is sent before we are able to meet with you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The initial meeting is scheduled for one hour, and its main purpose is for the client to describe his/her research project to the members of the consulting team. For UGA student clients, it is our policy that the student's major professor or faculty advisor be invited to attend the initial meeting.

We may be able to provide some ideas and advice during the initial meeting, but full solutions are rare at this stage, and should not be expected. Often, additional interaction between the client and consultants is necessary. The initial meeting is free of charge, but fees for additional services are generally required (clients from the Franklin College at UGA may have one hour of additional consultation provided at no charge). This will be discussed at the end of the initial meeting, if relevant.

If your form is submitted successfully, you will shortly receive an e-mail confirming the submission. If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact us directly at


Please note, as of 04/06/2018 the form is not working. Please email with your request. We are working on a resolution and apologize for the inconvenience.

Background Information (Starred items required of all clients):

Additional Background Information (Required for UGA students only):

To facilitate effective communication, it is SCC policy that for all UGA student projects the faculty advisor directing the research be invited to attend the initial meeting. If your advisor is unable or prefers not to attend the initial meeting, the SCC director (Dr. Jaxk Reeves, must obtain an e-mail from the faculty advisor to verify that he or she is aware you will be working with the UGA SCC. It is your responsibility to contact your advisor. If a UGA student arrives for a consultation without the faculty advisor in attendance or this advance e-mail approval, the SCC reserves the right to cancel the consultation at that time.

Project Information

We will try to be responsive to deadlines. However, we typically work with multiple clients at any given point in time and we also have our own responsibilities as students, teachers, and researchers. As a consequence, projects may enter a queue that will delay completion. Therefore, we strongly encourage all clients to contact us well in advance of any hard deadlines that they may have.

Data Storage Agreement and Additional Permissions

I understand that any research data or information provided to the SCC or associated individuals will be stored on a secure server which can be accessed by the SCC Director, the SCC Associate Director, and all current SCC Consulting Assistants, as well as University IT personnel. Data and related information may be transferred by e-mail among individuals associated with the SCC as needed. No data or related research findings will be publicized for any reason, including financial or intellectual gain, unless I (the client) approve this use, or as required by law (such as the Georgia Open Records Act ). If this is not acceptable, I will explain in the box below and will not send any data to any SCC representative until an agreement regarding storage and handling of data is reached.
Restrictions regarding publicizing data or findings would still apply; additional access to the data would be provided to graduate students in STAT 8000.
As part of ongoing training of our graduate students and all of our statistical collaborators, we may request at the beginning of our meeting that we be allowed to film your consulting session. The video camera is mounted in the room, and would not require any disruption of the session; the video would be used in coaching sessions, and may also be used for other educational purposes. You have the right to say "no" to this request, and if you do so, your wishes will be honored. Saying "no" to this request would not impact our relationship with you as a client. If you will attend this meeting with another party, we respectfully request that you advise that individual of the possibility of videotaping. All parties must agree in order for filming to take place. By checking the box above, you are indicating that you have been advised of this policy.