Excel Manual for Technology Manual for the Second Edition of Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning From Data by Alan Agresti and Christine Franklin

Junior Researcher Support

Undergraduate and graduate students and young researchers (degree in or after 2006) can apply for partial support from the organizers by submitting the information requested on this page. Females and members of other underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. Decisions about support will be made by August 26th and participants will be notified by email. This form is now closed.

Steve VanWieren (MS 1995)

“I recently left Equifax after a 15 year career and became the Principal Statistician at Ultimate Software, a Human Capital Management software company (which is ranked as the #25 company to work for in Fortune's Top 100 Places To Work). At Ultimate Software, I am in the process of starting up a predictive analytics function and department.”

Sun, 03/04/2012
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