Paul Hofmann (BS 1995)

I continue to work as a Senior Statistical Programmer/Analyst at Duke Clinical Research Institute, in Durham, North Carolina.   This past year, my primary focus has been clinical trials and manuscript work over many different therapeutic areas.

Wed, 02/26/2014
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R. Russell Helm (PhD 1970)

After 41 years in higher education, I retired from my position as CIO for the University of Central Missouri in 2010 where I had served since 1996.  This was after holding teaching and administrative positions at 6 other institutions including my undergraduate institution, the University of Arkansas, along with The Medical College of Wisconsin  and the statewide higher education system of  South Dakota.  The PhD from the UGA has allowed me to pursue my many interests throughout my career, both in teaching(statistics, mathematics, and computer science) and administrative roles in both the ac

Tue, 03/04/2014
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Estimating Central Subspaces Via Inverse Third Moments

Modern graphical tools have enhanced our ability to learn many things from data directly. In recent years, dimension reduction has proven to be an effective tool for generating lo dimensional summary plots without appreciable loss of information. Some well-known inverse regression methods for dimension reduction such as SIR (Li, 1991) and SAVE (Cook & Weisberg, 1991) have been developed to estimate summary plots for regression and discriminant analysis. In this article, we suggest a new method (SAT) that makes use of inverse third moments.

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Xiangrong Yin and R. Dennis Cook
Key Words: 
Central subspaces, dimension-reduction subspaces, inverse regression method, regression graphics

To request a copy of this report send an email to Richard Worthington and a pdf copy will be sent to you if available.


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