Walter Akins (BS 1971)

Walter Akins graduated in June of 1971 with a BS in Statistics. "I believe there were a total 6 Statistics Majors who graduated at that time. I worked for the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study at the College of Veterinary Medicine as a Wildlife Statistician until Feb of 1974. I earned a BS in Agricultural Mechanization Technology in 1979. I transferred to the Horticulture Department in Plant Sciences Building in 1974 and retired in January of 1995.

Hua Liang

We are concerned with how to select significant variables in semi-parametric modeling. Variable selection for semi-parametric regression models consists of two components: model selection for nonparametric components and selection of significant variables for parametric portion. Thus, it is much more challenging than that for parametric models such as linear models and generalized linear models because traditional variable selection procedures including stepwise regression and the best subset selection require model selection to nonparametric components for each sub-model.

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Daya Dayananda

The use of economic and statistics principles have been instrumental in developing many quantitative methodologies in finance, for example the famous formula of Black-Scholes that led to a Noble Prize in economics. In order to research in mathematical finance, it is essential to understand both economic principles and the ever changing financial activities in the market.

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