Statistics Lab 307 Schedule


  • No food or drink is allowed in this lab at any time. Any food or beverage containers must be in a sack and out of sight (even if they are not opened).
  • The computers and monitors in this lab should never be turned off. When you are ready to leave the lab be sure to follow the logout procedure described later in this document. If a computer does not seem to respond when you first start to use it, then hit CONTROL-ALT-DELETE one time. When the window appears hit the enter key. The computer should work properly at this point.
  • If you ever notice a computer that is not working properly please report this to the TA or contact department IT at (706) 542-3291 so that the computer can be fixed.
  • There must be a TA or instructor in the lab if there are students in the lab. This means that when class is over and a TA or instructor must leave you will need to quit what you are doing and leave the lab as well so that the TA or instructor can lock the lab. Please plan your work around this time constraint.
  • Your password is confidential and cannot be shared with any other students. Do not allow another person to use your account. Using another student's computer account or allowing another student to use your computer account will result in the loss of your account privileges and could result in more severe penalties.
  • Please see the University of Georgia policies on use of computers for further information.


When you are ready to leave the lab select 'Shut down' from the 'Start' menu at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, then select the last option, 'Close all programs and login as another user' This will log you out of the computer and get the computer ready for the next user. If you fail to logout of a computer anyone who uses that computer after you can access your files, print your files, delete your files, etc. Please remember to logout.


The printer in this lab should be used to print your Statistical class assignments ONLY. UCNS provides students with printing capabilities for any purpose. Please use the UCNS labs for printing other than your Statistics class assignments. You can print by using the print option in the program which you are using. If you are on arches you can use the locally defined printer option when it is provided to print in the lab.