Which Statistics Courses are Right for You?

The Department of Statistics offers a variety of courses intended for graduate students outside of our discipline who want to learn a little or a lot of statistics to help them design their own research studies, analyze their data, or just understand the scientific literature more thoroughly. These so-called graduate service courses are described here as well as other courses that are taken by our own students, but which may be of interest to students in other fields who have learned enough introductory material to be ready for more advanced statistical methodology.


Courses and When They are Offered

Follow this link to see our most popular courses for graduate students in disciplines outside of statistics, including information about when these courses are typically offered. These courses have been separated into those that are strictly for students outside of our discipline (true service courses) and those that are also taken by graduate and undergraduate students seeking statistics degrees.


Which One(s) Should I Take?

This table provides a guide to the courses you should consider taking based upon your background and reasons for wanting to study statistics.

A guide to the most common sequencing of our graduate level courses for non-statistics students can be found here. This guide may help you choose a path through the courses that is right for you.