Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 4:20pm

"I have my 10 year anniversary coming up in June 2012 working as a physical therapist with Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center formerly known as Medical College of Georgia Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. I want to brag on how I used my Statistics major/ Bachelor of Science degree to help with our research paper in achieving my Master's degree in Physical Therapy in December 2001. I was really ahead of my class, due to my statistics background, and therefore my classmates asked me for the majority of input in assimilating the data in our group research projects. We aced our projects with flying colors, might I add.

Thank you for all the wonderful education I received from the Statistics Department. I felt that each of the professors as well as the department head were all eager to listen and counsel us in how to use our degrees in our future.

I have been residing in Augusta, Georgia since June 2002 where I met my husband, Matt Aitken who is now one of the Richmond County Commissioners and we have a five year=old daughter, Cecilia who is now in Kindergarten."