Research Grants Funded: Topics in Bayesian Analysis, Empirical Likelihood and Decision Theory with Applications. National Security Agency, 2008-2010. Collaborative Research for Developing ATD: Bayesian Methods in Syndromic Surveillance: CAR Models and Computational Implementation. National Science Foundation, 2009- 2011. Bayes, Frequentist and Likelihood Inference with Applications to Small Area Estimation. National Security Agency, 2003-2005. Cross-Sectional and Time Series Approaches to Small Area Estimation: Methods and Applications. National Science Foundation. 2003-2006. Jointly awarded to G.S. Datta and T.N. Sriram. Asymptotic Approaches to Bayes and Likelihood Inference. National Science Foundation, 2000-2002, 2002-2004. Higher Order Asymptotics in Bayes and Likelihood-based Inference. National Security Agency, 1999-2000. Mean Squared Error Approximation with Sampling Error Modelling in Small Area Estimation. ASA/NSF/BLS/Census Senior Research Fellowship Program, 8/97-7/98. Parametric Empirical Bayes Point and Interval Estimation in Small Area Estimation from Complex Surveys. National Science Foundation Grant No. SBR-9705145, 1997-2000, 2000-2001. Research support from a grant of Professor J. O. Berger of Purdue University, August-December, 1993. Research Grant from Univ. of Georgia for June-August, 1993. Research Grant from Univ. of Georgia for June-August, 1992. ASA/NSF/Census Research Grant for July-August, 1992. ASA/NSF/Census Research Grant for April-August, 1991. Conference and Travel Grants: PI in "Bayes, frequentist and likelihood inference: a synthesis", a conference proposal funded by the National Science Foundation and sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the American Mathematical Society (Co-PI Nancy Reid and Dongchu Sun), 2000.