A travel authorization must be submitted for University of Georgia employees who will travel out-of-state on official University business. (*Note that out-of-state is defined as 50 miles outside the Georgia border.)

Please complete and submit the below information to request a Travel Authority be submitted on your behalf.  

For assistance, please contact the department's Administrative Associate by phone (706) 542-3297.

Briefly explain why you are required to travel.
Explain in detail where you are going (i.e. what University/Conference), what you will be doing and how this relates to the University of Georgia.
Please specify whether someone else will cover your classes and who they are. If you do not have classes during this time period, just say "No Classes."
(i.e. My grant account, RDC funds, University of Minnesota is covering, USC to cover airfare and I will use my grant for the rest)
If your travel will not be funded by UGA in any way, respond "N/A" for the remaining items.
For example, meals you will have on an airplane or that are provided at a conference. (i.e. 10/2/13 lunch, 10/3/13 dinner)
Upload any files related to lodging if desired. (Up to 2MB size)
Upload any files related to airfare if desired. (Up to 2MB size)
Upload any files related to registration or invitation letters if desired. (Up to 2MB size)
Indicate any other costs you anticipate (i.e. Groome Shuttle, Mileage to the Atlanta Airport, Car Rental, etc...)
Upload any other files related to this travel if desired. (Up to 2MB size)