Items saved locally will NOT be accessible after logout - ALL work must be saved to your N drive.

In order to access your N and K drives, right click the 'N' in the bottom right hand corner and login. You can set up a Linux machine to automatically map your N and K drives by right clicking the 'N' and selecting Novell Login -> Advanced -> Startup -> Save Profile After Successful Login. Make sure that 'Run Novell Client Login at Session Startup' is selected.

To use the software on the Linux machines in the Bargman Computer Lab, you must enter the following commands into Terminal. Remember that the commands issued in Terminal are case sensitive, so be sure to enter them in correctly.

To run MatLab, type: matlab

To run S-Plus, type: Splus -g

To run Fortran, type: g95

To run R, type: R

To run the R GUI, type: JGR

To run Afni, type: afni

For help or questions, please contact

No food or drink is allowed at any time in any of the computer labs. Any food or beverage container which is not stored in a bag and on the floor will be considered a violation of this policy.