High dimension low sample size problems, Statistical learning
Probability: Limit theorems, Self-similar processes, Wiener chaos, Statistics: Long-range dependence, Time series, Resampling
Symbolic Data, Epidemic Theory , AIDS , Time Series , Sequential Analysis
Statistics Education, Assesment
Dimension Reduction, Optimization, Statistical Consulting
Small Area Estimation , Survey Sampling , Baysian Analysis , Bayes-Frequentist Interface , Likelihood Inference , Multivariate Analysis , Asymptotics , Linear Models , Development of Non-subjective Priors
Statistical Education, Statistical Graphics, Statistical Computing
Generalized Linear and Nonlinear Regression Models, Analysis of Clustered Data, Mixture Models
Social Networks, Machine Learning, Rare and Weak Signals in Big Data, Quantitative Evaluation of Academic Research, Variable/Feature Selection
Undergraduate Learning of Statistics, Curriculum Development for Statistics grades 6 - 16, Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning
Likelihood Theory (with an emphasis on empirical likelihood), Applications in Social and Behavioral Science , Model Selection and Interpretation , The History of Statistics , Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Data , The Role of Statistics in Society
My research interests include phylogenetics, modeling biological data, statistical analysis of molecular data, and parallel computing. I am particularly interested in reconstructing species phylogenies from multilocus sequences., I and my colleagues have developed several phylogenetic methods for estimating the evolutionary history of species.
Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling, Item Response Theory, Mathematics Achievement Testing, Statistics Education
Bioinformatics, Functional Data Analysis, Geophysics
Design of Experiments, Applied Statistics, Optimization and Genetic Algorithms
Multiscale Analysis, Nonparametric Function Estimation, Statistical Learning
Statistical Consulting, Phlylogenetics, Climate Modeling
Gene Mapping of Complex Traits, Mathematical Models of Evolution, Statistical Approaches in Proteomics
Properties and applications of seasonal time series, Applying image models to social networks, Properties of the maximum pseudo-likelihood estimate for Markov random fields
Sequential estimation, branching processes , bootstrap , adaptive designs , linear and nonlinear time series
Statistics education, Robust statistics
Computer Experiments (space-filling design, Lating hypercube design), Experimental Designs (orthogonal array, supersaturated design), Drug Combination Experiments, Modeling (Kriging model, Sparse model), Big Data Technique