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Dr. Leonard R. Shenton was born on February 4, 1909. He is an Emeritus Professor of Statistics, University of Georgia, USA. He was a Reader in Mathematics (1960) in the faculty of Technology, University of Manchester (now University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology). He was an Associate Editor of the Journal of American Statistical Association (1964-1966). He is an Elected member of the International Statistical Institute, an Elected Fellow of the American Association of the Advancement of Science, and the Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association. He has published many papers including three books: Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Small Samples (Charles Griffin 1977), Properties of Estimators for the Gamma Distribution (Marcel Dekker 1988), Continued Fractions in Statistical Applications (Marcel Dekker 1989), all three books are coauthored with Dr. Bowman. His interest is in symbolic computing.

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Symbolic Computing
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"He is 101 years old and working on mathematics every day" (Kimiko Bowman)