Lucy Swart Beauchamp (BS 1971)

"I am the Executive Director of the Belmont Bay Science Center Foundation and concentrate on providing hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to K-12 students. One of our programs "Arts on the Go", a collaborative effort with the Center for the Arts and Prince William County Public Schools, just won the Agnes L. Colgan Community Service Award from the Prince William Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes the outstanding non-profit program in the community."

Sean Kanter (MS 1999)

Sean and his wife welcomed a baby to their family in April of this year.

Becky Grant (AB 1993)

"I've been living in Zurich, Switzerland for the past four years. I'm working as an actuary at a global reinsurance firm which is headquartered here. The actuarial profession has turned out to be a good choice for me in more ways than one, most recently due to the fact that it is recognized internationally. I completed my Fellowship of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) in 2000 while working in the U.S., and at the time I did not know I would be living overseas. I moved to Switzerland with my husband in 2007 as a result of his job being transferred, and was able to find an actuarial job quickly here since there is a high demand. Speaking only English was not a problem since it is the official business language. I never expected my UGA statistics degree would one day help me work in Switzerland, but that is how it has turned out, and I am grateful for that."

Tom Ryan (PhD 1977)

"The 3rd edition of my book, Statistical Methods of Quality Improvement, is scheduled to be published in late July. The publisher is Wiley. Another book, Sample Size Determination and Power, will be published by Springer early next year. That will be my fifth statistics book.

In addition to these books, I also teach online courses and do occasional online consulting."

Gary Gensler (MS 1992)

"Welcomed a second girl, Eliana Lilly, into the family on January 30, 2010. She joins big sister Maya, now 8. I'm in my 19th year as a Biostatistician with the EMMES Corporation. I currently work on the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 the National NeuroAids Tissue Consortium and a special project with the FDA, in addition to helping develop other new studies. I recently co-authored a publication in Opthalmology looking at the association between c-reactive protein and certain genetic variants on the prevalence of age-related macular generation. For about a decade I taught novice programmers at my company to use SAS to improve their work efficiency. I am finishing my second year taking classes at the George Washington University towards earning my PhD."