Lihua Wang (PhD 2004)

Lihua Wang currently works at J.P.Morgan Chase located at Wilmington, Delaware. She is in a risk modeling group focusing on acquisition risk. Lihua's daughter is 13 months now. Lihua's husband Ruijie, Niu, a master student in statistcs department of UGA, also works in J.P.Morgan Chase focusing on portfolio risk analysis.

Zhengang Zhang (PhD 2004) & Yan Jiang (PhD 2005)

"Both Zhengang and I still work at JPMorgan Chase. We are at the same building and carpool everyday. Our son just turned 3 and he can speak two languages now. We bought a house a few months ago and it seems that everything has settled down."

Matt Atkinson (MS 2004)

Matt Atkinson is now an instructor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

Leigh Harrell (MS 2004)

Leigh Harrell is currently an instructor and undergraduate coordinator for the Statistics Department at Virginia Tech.

Lanier Senter (MS 2004)

Lanier Senter has received a job offer (no details yet) from a company in Denver, Colorado. The company is a database marketing company, Merkle. "I am really excited about this company and job and will probably be taking it!!"